July 22, 2019



Marodyne LiV generates vibrations with a tiny motion (<0.1 mm). These are classed as low-intensity. Whole body vibration plates deliver vibrations with a much larger amplitude, in some cases up to several centimeters. WBV plates provide a more aggressive vibration that forces your muscles to contract and relax vigorously. LiV is much gentler, providing a therapeutic vibration that stimulates bone growth and increases bone strength.


Marodyne LiV is a safe and effective treatment for any person of any age that needs to increase their bone mineral density and increase leg muscle mass and strength. Research has established that the device is safe to use at any age – from young children to people aged over 100. Before using Marodyne LiV we recommend that you consult with your clinician.
Marodyne LiV is a medical device (Class 2a) and certified and approved by the European Union (MDD 93/42 / EEC Annex II). Millions of dollars of investment and hundreds of scientific studies have proven that Maroyne LiV is effective a safe and effective treatment for osteoporosis. There are no known side-effects of using the therapy, and it can be used safely alongside all known prescription drugs. The Low-intensity Vibration signal delivered by Marodyne LiV is safe to use for up to 4 hours every day. The current guidelines covering safe levels of vibration (ISO ISO 2631 and OSHA) indicate that, in normal use and under normal conditions, Marodyne LiV will cause no adverse or harmful effects.
Marodyne LiV is designed to be used as a therapy and treatment for osteoporosis, strengthening the bones and muscles. Scientific research has shown that it is a safe and effective treatment for people of any age. Clinical studies have demonstrated that LiV can prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, promote bone and muscle growth in young osteoporotic women, and increases bone density in children with disabilities. Marodyne LiV can also work preventatively, helping to maintain bone muscle density in users of any age.


Marodyne LiV is very quiet. An incorrect posture can sometimes cause a little noise. Once you have readjusted your weight on the machine, this noise will become normal again.
The vibrations of Marodyne LiV are very subtle and light. You can simply stand up straight and relax. There is no specific posture or exercise required. If you bring your weight to your front foot more than the vibrations will remain more in your legs and hips. If you keep your weight more towards your heels then the vibrations will rise through to your back and neck. In this way, you can send vibrations through your body.
Over 25 years of research has established that vibrating at 30hz is the most optimal and safe frequency.