July 19, 2019

Product Features

Marodyne LiV is the world’s first bone growth and muscle stimulation device specifically designed to increase bone density and quality, while also activating and conditioning the leg muscles in a safe and effective manner.

Low-intensity Vibration

Marodyne LiV provides an exact low-level vibration (0.4g) transmitted at a high frequency (30Hz) to the person standing on the device. This stimulates osteoblast (bone-building) activity while inhibiting osteoclast (bone resorption) activity. Studies have established that just 10 minutes of LiV a day can help to keep bones strong and healthy.

Medically approved

Marodyne LiV is a medical device (Class 2a) and certified and approved by the European Union (MDD 93/42 / EEC Annex II). It’s the world’s only clinically-approved, non-drug treatment proven to improve bone health.

Solid construction

Built in Germany, Marodyne LiV has a sturdy metal construction to withstand daily use over many years. The device has been engineered to commercial specifications, giving years of trouble-free use in the home and in healthcare settings. Every Marodyne LiV comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard.

Marodyne LiV is portable and is supplied with a smart travel bag to enable the user to take their device with them and continue your treatment wherever you are.

Every Marodyne LiV devices comes boxed with:

  • Marodyne LiV device
  • Power supply with cord (3m)
  • Custom-made travel bag
  • Instructions for use

Product specifications:

  • System weight: 8.1 kg (17.85 lb)
  • System Dimensions: H/W/D: 7.7 cm (3.03 in) / 45.7 cm (17.99 in) / 35.6 cm (14.01 in)
  • Low-intensity Vibrations: Approx. 30 Hz / body acceleration 0.4 g ± 20% / amplitude 50 to 200 microns
  • Power Supply: Input voltage: 100 – 240 Volts AC / input frequency: 50 – 60 Hz. Output voltage: 16 Volts DC / output amperage: 4.38 AMPS, 70 W max.
  • Protection: Class 1

Marodyne LiV is only available for sale through our trusted network. To learn more about Marodyne LiV, contact us…