October 20, 2021

Marodyne LiV – Reviews / Testimonials


100% Natural | Drug-Free | Safe | Backed By 50+ Years Of Research 


Customer Testimonials

We regularly seek feedback on the Marodyne LiV so we can continue to improve our services andcustomer care. Here’s a collation of recent (2021) verified reviews and feedback we’ve received fromcustomers using the Marodyne in their homes for up to 7 years and counting.


Why did you purchase the Marodyne LiV?

I was diagnosed with osteopenia back in 1998 and was steadily losing bone. I can use it while multi-tasking- reading, TV, breakfast and coffee. 

Firstly, I purchased the LiV as it was mentioned in the book written by R. Keith McCormick, DC, as anabolicsignals are sent throughout the skeleton to build bone.

It’s very easy to use.

I chose the Marodyne as I wanted to avoid drugs and my research told me it would help me maintain oreven build bone. I use it in conjunction with weight bearing exercise. I use it regularly and I’m lookingforward to getting my next Dexa scan in 6 months time to measure the results. 

I purchased it due to being diagnosed with osteoporosis. I use it daily. It has a nice soothing feel about itand can feel the vibrations gently over the entire body. 

Has Marodyne helped you? If so, how?

It’s enabled me to be drug-free for eight years. My lifesaver! 

I have used this regularly and can feel the vibration in the body. I am fortunate not to have any fractures orany compression of the lower spine at this stage and the condition hasn’t altered my lifestyle as yet.

As yet I have not had another bone scan… However, I do feel better.

I am 62 years old, have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hypermobile) and severereactions to many drugs and other chemicals, in addition to the osteoporosis. I am very restricted in theexercise I can do and the medications I can take, which was why I was hoping the Marodyne LiV wouldhelp with the osteoporosis, when the other options for treatment carry significant risk for me.

I had a stroke in August 2017 – a significant bleed in the right side of my brain. For the almost 3 years fromthe time of the stroke until the purchase of the Marodyne LiV I could not lay on the right side of my headwithout getting pain in the right side of my head the following day. After using the Marodyne LiV for justone week this stopped happening and I have been able to sleep on both sides now with no problem, justas I did prior to the stroke.

The Marodyne LiV has also assisted my muscles and improved my energy levels.

I purchased Marodyne after a bone density scan and my research on vibration machines lead me tounderstand the importance of the low vibration system. I find it easy to incorporate into my daily routine,its by the kitchen bench and while standing on it I work on the iPad.


Would you recommend using the Marodyne LiV to others?

I would certainly recommend the machine. It is so simple to use and takes so little time. The benefits ofthe LiV would be advantageous to anyone with the condition (osteoporosis or osteopenia).

Any other comments about the Marodyne LiV or Rehacare?

Purchase and delivery of the machine was easy and professional. All questions answered honestly andhelp and advice readily available.

Yes, I do often on Facebook on osteoporosis groups.

Yes, if the Marodyne LiV is easy to purchase for New Zealanders (which it is!)

I was impressed with the information and advice provided by Anne when I called to enquire about the LiV.

The service from Rehacare in obtaining, purchasing and monitoring the shipping of the Marodyne LiVdevice to New Zealand was exemplary. 

I love my Marodyne LiV device, it has been maintenance-free – apart from a screw underneath thatvibrated itself out and needed to be re-inserted.

Yes I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in strengthening their body in a gentleeasy way.

I have found Rehacare an absolute delight to do business with, they have wowed me with their genuineand kind communication and have exceeded above and beyond all my expectation. 

Have you had any scan results showing changes in bone health since youstarted using the Marodyne LiV?

Yes. In July 2015 my Dexa Scan showed ‘unchanged’ bone density (meaning active bone loss hadstopped), and the June 2017 Dexa Scan showed a 4.7% bone density increase.

Marodyne LiV