February 15, 2024

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25 July 2023

Improving Bone Growth and Density with Mechanical Stimulation with Dr. Maya Novak

Dr. Maya Novak interviews Dr. Clinton Rubin on the healing and harmful effects of vibration therapy, emphasizing the importance of understanding which vibrations benefit bone health. 

👉🎧 Listen to the full episode: https://www.mayanovak.com/podcast/ep23-clinton-rubin/

Research Update

1 March 2023

Research Update on Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Margaret Martin shares the latest research update on Whole Body Vibration Therapy in post-menopausal women, published in the Osteoporosis International Journal. Discover the effectiveness of vibration platforms like the Marodyne in improving bone mineral density, offering a promising complement to exercise for enhancing bone health.

Expert Insights

By Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist

Do Vibration Platforms Increase Bone Density?

By Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist

Does Vibration Therapy Improve Osteoporosis?

By MyBones, Marodyne Liv

Osteoporosis, whole-body vibration and the Marodyne LiV device

By Musculoskeletal Australia

The Role of Exercise in the Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis

By MyBones, Marodyne Liv

Low-intensity Vibration therapy with Professor Clinton Rubin


By Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist

Is Whole Body Platform safe to Use?

By Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist

Marodyne Liv Vibration Platform Review

By MyBones, Marodyne Liv

How does the Marodyne Liv device work? | Diana Moran 

By MyBones, Marodyne Liv

What are the benefits of using Marodyne Liv Device? | Diana Moran

By MyBones, Marodyne Liv

Getting started with Marodyne Liv